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July 7, 2000 **Leslie Bibb has landed a role opposite David Arquette in the feature film See Spot Run, a Warner Bros.

April 22, 2000 **Popular will be new episodes for this week and the next four weeks leading up to it's season final. Look for Delta Burke and Wentworth Miller to appear in the upcomming eps. **Traped In A Purple Haze aired Monday, April 17 at 9:00 on ABC. **A web site and teen Magazine report that Popular will be back next season.

April 5, 2000 **Some people are saying that Popular has been picked up for a second season by the WB, but the WB say that a decision has not been made but it is unlikely that the show will be cancelled.
**The Skulls staring Josh Jackson, Paul Walker and Leslie Bibb opened last weekend and had a good opening weekend.
**Leslie Bibb is on the cover of Jump.
**This weeks episode of Popular is once again a repeat.

Feruary 27, 2000
**Rumor has it that Popular may be cancelled. Please write to the WB and tell them what you think of that bad idea.
**Arnitia Walker appeared on Touched By An Angel Feb 26.

Feruary 17, 2000
**Five members of Popular appeared on Family Fued on Febuary 16. Carly Pope, Hank Harris, Bryce Johnson, Ron Lester and Adrian Dawn were all there. The team lost to NBC's Freaks and Geeks.
**Leslie Bibb new movie Skulls comes out on March 31.

Feruary 12, 2000
**Christopher Wiehl appeared on the Feb 10 episode of Charmed.
**Reports have it that Christopher Gorham married Anel Lopez (Poppy) in late January.
**Check out articals with leslie Bibb and Carly Pope in The March issue of Teen, and there is also a little write up of them in Teen Cerlebity.

January 17, 2000
**Carly Pope is featured in the Jan. 15th-21st TV Guide
**Both Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope are in Entertainment Teen Magazine.
**Carly Pope's ABC movie has been retitled, and she has a feature film due out in Febuary.
**New tapes of Buffy,The Vampire slayer out and one of the tape features the episode I Only Have Eyes For You, which Christopher Gorham has a small role.
**As well the guy who plays Carmen's brother Leo, Christopher Weihl has a small role in the episode Never Kill A Boy On The First Date.

January 9, 2000
**Popular is a new show on Thursday, January 13th. The title of the show isn't known at the moment but it will deal with Josh's musical, among other things.
**Check out some of Febuary's mags. YM features an interview with Carly Pope and Leslie Bibb on page 68. Teen features a pic of Bibb on page 62, and a artical with Carly Pope featuring pics of her, Bryce Johnson and Chris Gorham on page 60. And Twist's Guys Decoded feaures Chris Gorham talking about his worst date ever on page 63. Check out other mags for more info.
**Chad Lowe made an appearence on Now and Again. The episode aired last week,
**Scott Bryce's father, Ed Bryce, died December 5. He was 78. Ed Bryce was also an actor and stared on Guiding Light, The Secret Storm, Love of Life and As The World Turns.

The WB will be airing a repeat of the Popular christmas episode on December 20th. Not sure about the time yet.
The WB aired two episodes of Popular on Sunday the 12th of December.
This weeks episode of Popular will be a repeat.

"A couple things on Leslie Bibb... I was doing a search recently for Leslie Bibb fan sites and found that she was on the 3rd episode of the 1st season of Just Shoot Me as Nikki. Here is the description:
"Secretary's Day" gs: Crystal Bernard [ Herself ], Jay Leno [ Himself ], Leslie Bibb [ Nikki ], Cecily Adams [ Doris ], David Valcin [ Young Executive ], Dave Clark [ Newscaster ]
Finch gets extremely annoyed when everybody wishes him happy Secretary's Day- he despises being known as a mere secretary. He storms out of the office and ends up in the arms of a gorilla at the zoo. Also, Maya tries to talk Nina out of getting breast implants.
b: 12 Mar 97 pc: 105 w: Tom Martin d: Leonard G. Garner Jr.
Also, Leslie Bibb and a couple others from the cast of Popular (I'm not sure who else) recently attended a Kendall Payne show at the Troubadour on November 8th. Kendall is the girl who sings the new theme song for the show. The song ("Supermodels") is from her debut album "Jordan's Sister" and is slated to be her next single, which will be released to radio in January. Anyway... Leslie discovered Kendall at a previous show where she was opening for Dido, and Leslie bought Kendall's CD at the concert then took the song "Supermodels" to the show's producers, and voila. The song is perfect for Popular.
Two friends of mine attended the show and were hanging around with Kendall afterwards. They overheard Kendall's conversation with Leslie, and apparently they were talking about a possible Kendall appearance on the show. Leslie wants Kendall to make a cameo as the band on Popular's prom episode, and I'm willing to bet it will happen..."
Thanks to lane* for this information, and be sure to check out the website for Kendal Payne. The link can be found on the links page.

--There will be no Popular on the WB this week (Nov. 25th) instead two episodes of Charmed will air instead. Popular will return on December 2 with a new Episode entitled Wild Wild Mess.
--For Canadian viewers looking to catch the show on CTV, it was not shown last night (Nov 20) but hopefully with Who wants to be a Millionair ending it may return next week.

--Carly Pope is briefly featured in the December issue of Teen People. You can check her out on page 76 in the Star Woes section.
A new show will be featured on November 18, 1999 on the WB.
Canadian fans of the show will have to wait, there doesn't appear to be a show on tonight or November 23. Make sure you let CTV know how you feel about their lack of support for the show.

--Bryce Johnson has a brief interview in the December Issue of Teen Celebrity.
--For information on site changes check out the Update page.

--Chad Lowe has landed a role in a John Denver bio pic. No more details are known at this time.
--A new episode of Popular will air this week and next on the WB (Nov. 4 & 11)
--In Canada Popular will not be seen on Nov. 6 due to staking being shown on the CTV network.
--Changes have been made to most of the picture pages.
--More links have been added to the links page.
--More quotes have been added to the quotes page.

--The WB has announced that Popular has been picked up for a full season.
--Delta Burke will appear on Popular as Cherry Cherry, an oil baronness mother of Mary Cherry. The episode airs Nov. 11. The role should be recurring.

--Popular will not be seen on Thursday October, 21 because the WB is presenting an Awards show, it will return the following week with a new episode titled Truth and Consequesnces.
--In Canada the Slumber Party episode will air on Saturday October 30 on the CTV networks.
--Updates were made to the Guide page, the Links page and the Video captures on the Episode Pictures page.

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